According to an Ad on Youtube there’s a page from the Hebrew Bible that’s missing.

It has a 20 word magical script that if you repeat it you will boost your testosterone as a male and estrogen as a female and you’ll manifest all your dreams.

The Carnegies, Rockafellers, Oprah, Jay-Z and Beyonce supposedly use this secret script. 

This guy even has Snoop Dog touting it’s benefits complete with him throwing down a cute rhyme.

I listened to the Ad for a while then clicked on the button to see how much they were charging for this 20 word script exclusive access.

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After a few pages of more sales copy I became annoyed!

I never figured out the cost of this super secret script the elite used to become famous…

…but what I gleaned from it was priceless!

If there really is a script that makes people rich beyond their wildest dreams by repeating it because it boosts their hormones then there’s great value in taking care of your body’s ability to make hormones. 

Low testosterone and estrogens cause you to feel tired, depressed and you don’t vibe at a high level of energy.

When your hormones are low your energetic ion battery is low. 

Being the energetic ion soup of a creature you are, you want your ions to be abundant to be energetic and put out a good vibe.

Think of good vibe = strong vitality or life force (in Latin it’s called the Vis). 

If you’re more vital you’ll be able to do more to create wealth for yourself. 

This 20 word script likely has something to do with mindset. 

And if you’ve ever read the bible there are lots of nuggets in there to serve as a source of peace.

As I’ve mentioned quite a bit recently, you are the source of the majority of your stress,,.dare I say all your stress!

And when you’re stressed your electrolytes deplete.

I see this in labs every day with low sodium, chloride and potassium.

Electrolytes are your ions, your charge and how your cells communicate.

When your cells do not communicate you are low on your charge and your vitality decreases.

To have a thought your nerves use sodium, potassium and calcium to fire that message off.

Cells move hormones and nutrients back and forth across their membranes with sodium and potassium voltage gated channels. 

Hormone balance requires good electrolyte balance. 

You’re draining your electrolytes by causing your nerves to fire on repeat in your brain while you loop and loop on what’s not working in your life. 

The more you ruminate about a problem and beat yourself up over it, the more potential you have to create electrolyte imbalances over time.

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The inflammation response uses electrolytes to communicate via the nervous system. 

If your electrical charges are off, you won’t attract what you want in life as readily because you’re not feeling well enough to do the things you need to do to move forward.

If you dial in your charges, you feel better and are more vibrant. 

You attract people that feel the same and life flows better. 

Law of attraction followers call it tuning to a higher frequency. 

I believe when you’re healthy and vital you have a glow about you.

Some call it a “good aura”, I call it good juju.

Whether you believe in the “woo woo” side of energy or not it’s been identified that you move ions around 24/7 to sustain your life. 

You are an energetic being. 

Translate it how you’d like. 

When you feel better your body is working better and vice versa.

A style of medicine from the 1800’s known as cell salts supports the concept of energy on a cellular level.

These are combinations of salts (ions) and minerals that your cells use for communication. 

The father of cell salts, Dr. Schuessler determined certain symptoms can be linked with imbalances in certain mineral salts.

It was common for doctors in the early 1900’s to use cell salts till the 1940’s when antibiotics showed up and the “old style” of medicine became witch craft. 

Don’t believe me?

Go to any museum where they have turn of the century medicine cabinets and bottles on display and you will see these!

Today you can find Schuessler’s cell salts still being used, my go to company is Jackson’s Naturals – clickHERE to learn more.

What could you manifest in life if your hormones were better balanced thanks to your mineral salts aka ions being on point?

What could you achieve if you worked on your mindset, hormones and ions?

I don’t think you need to fork over cash for the super secret missing page from the bible, you can create your own script for manifesting health, wellness & vitality!

Here’s to creating you own script to recharge your health,

Dr. J

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