Chronic gut pain, inflammation, IBS, SIBO and constipation are on the rise.

I have a few clients right now that have chronic pain in the abdomen and all the tests have shown it to be negative for any functional gut issues.

Two women with chronic gut issues in particular have mixed connective tissue disease antibodies on a low level. 

While I realize this is a low number for a quality research study I can’t help but wonder about the correlation.

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Could those areas of pain be fascial tissue inflammation preventing proper signaling to the brain to stop the pain?

Fascial tissue is a woven interconnected sheet of fibers that wrap muscles, organs, glands and more but they also signal directly to the vagus nerve and maintain hydration of your electrolytes and nutrients.

Is it possible these areas are in need of fascial work in a manner that helps free the fascial adhesions?

It has been documented that fascial tissue…

  • holds emotions and trauma
  • is the key for electrolyte movement in the body
  • when restricted traps toxins (including the body’s own inflammatory chemicals – which cause autoimmune conditions)
  • can help with overall strength of muscles

What if fascial restriction is keeping the inflammation of a region stuck in inflammatory mode?

Say your gallbladder had a flare up and there are some stones but there was no reason to take it out. 

Things improved with diet but you kept having flares that made no sense. 

You feel better lying down and stretching out – in fact you’re drawn to certain motions to traction (pull) on the body.

Listening to your body’s cues is a big clue as to if this is a fascial adhesion issue and what may be your personalized treatment. 

My Dad loves traction to his neck – if it were up to him – I’d pull on his neck 24/7.

He was gifted a neck traction device but it didn’t help because it only pulled in one direction. 

Another clue – his body wants pulling on an angle. 

When I work on his tissues with spreading motions like my two fingers are pulling taffy apart he feels better.

If I twist the tissue a bit under my fingers it hurts then releases. 

And if I press and have him move his neck with breath work that will melt muscle tension and relieve pain.

The three motions of the fascial fibers (think tubes)…

  • Traction (pulling)
  • Torsion (twisting)
  • Compression (like a plunger on a syringe up and down)

Just like my podcast guest Anna Rahe mentions – treat your fascia like it’s a hand wash sweater.

You scrub it – pulling fibers back and forth.

You squeeze it – plunger motion to get the water out.

You twist it to wring it out after you wash it. 

While that may seem a bit bizarre when it comes to the body – don’t forget – fascia is tissue made up of tubes aka fibers – just like your muscle fibers. 

They interlace into sheets like woven fabric. 

Different motions are needed to free them.

If you’re sitting most of your day and you repeat the same motions daily it’s likely your biggest restrictions will be based on repetition of body mechanics. 

To sleuth out your fascia and see if it’s a factor in your chronic inflammation or autoimmune conditions it’s time to evaluate your most common motions.

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From work to workouts and hobbies. 

  • How do you hold yourself? (ex: neck forward, tilted to the side of your mouse on your computer?)
  • What motions are you drawn to for relief of pain and tension?
  • How could you incorporate traction, torsion and compression into these?

I interviewed a pal of mine – Julia Blackwell not too long ago on the podcast. 

She’s all about the compression form of fascial therapy with foam rollers and movement (see Julia’s work 😍->HERE<-).

What if you could combine her techniques with some traction and torsion (twisting motions) that Anna Rahe describes?

The longer I’m in the game the more I believe each and every one of you has a unique solution that could be created by pairing a few techniques – especially when it comes to learning self bodywork. 

Let’s face it – massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and all the body treatments out there are great  – but it’s tricky to get a same day appointment when pain flares up!

What if daily targeted mini-bodywork sessions could help provide relief in between seeing your bodywork folks?

Self bodywork helps you relay information about your body to your practitioners so they can help you on a deeper level. 

I invite you to ponder this subject and check out Anna Rahe’s GST body program and see if it resonates. (check it out 😎->HERE<-)

She offers a 7 day trial membership.

I tried a class last Saturday – it was fun and I was totally sweating!

Anna taught a few self traction tips as well as highlighted the importance of tapping into your body to see what feels good with certain motions.

While she has specific equipment to enhance your experience, I had a great response without using anything but my body. 

If you’ve been working out for a while, are a weight lifter, are familiar with yoga or pilates and are fairly mobile Anna’s GST body video sessions can be quite helpful.

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However, if you’re in quite a bit of pain and mobility is an issue I’d start with Julia Blackwell’s foam roller mobility for at least a month or two before moving into trying out Anna’s GST Body workouts. 

I also know that Anna has a 1:1 program too that could be helpful if her work intrigues you but you are in a building phase of your fitness. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on fascial tissue – if it’s hit home or opened up your eyes to a new thought process let me know – I do answer all emails myself!

I’m debating on a masterclass to demonstrate my theories and the motions involved in freeing your fascia – if you’re interested hit reply and let me know. 

If I get enough interest – I’ll create something fun and interactive. 

Next week I’m diving into air quality and sleep – stay tuned!

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Have a great weekend!

Here’s to your facial health,

Dr. J

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