Research shows Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. 

According to the EPA, indoor pollutants can even reach levels up to 100 times higher than in the air outside.

3.2 million deaths a year are due to poor indoor air quality. (research linked here) 

That’s disturbing. 

But it makes sense!

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Your immune system is working hard to counter the microbes it’s exposed to daily.

Being in a home with multiple microbes in the air makes it work harder. 

So what makes up your home’s air quality?

  • air coming in
  • flow of air though your home & how well your home breathes
  • filtration in the home
  • location of your heating and cooling system
  • pets
  • smoking/hobbies
  • cleanliness
  • wearing shoes in the home
  • your neighbor’s habits (yes they come in your home!)
  • where you live & industry near by
  • scents you wear, burn, spray or use
  • cleaning supplies

How do you know if you have an air quality problem?

Not all individuals who live in a home with poor air quality will react the same. 

Here’s a list of common symptoms:

  • rashes, hives, skin conditions
  • difficulty breathing
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • fatigue
  • swelling
  • headaches
  • mystery illnesses
  • difficulty recovering from illness
  • lowered immunity
  • insomnia

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When it comes to the air quality in your home you want to be thinking about the air flow.

  • Where’s air coming in from and what’s around the intake areas?
  • Is your home able to expel air effectively or is your air recirculating?
  • Are you changing your air filters regularly – every month to 3 months?
  • Do you clean regularly with damp cloths or non-toxic cleaners to minimize dust mites and other allergens?
  • How humid is your home? – if it’s over 65 – it’s wise to get a de-humidifier and a gauge to track humidity.

Assessing your home for leaks, humidity issues as well as potential air flow issues is crucial to prevent build up of microbes and toxins in the home. 

Not sure where to start?

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My podcast with David Milburn from my favorite portable air filtration company HypoAir came out on Saturday and he taught me a ton about air quality. 

And they offer something really amazing that I have to share with you!

HypoAir offers complimentary consultations to discuss your home air quality. ->sign up HERE<-

And they offer solutions to improve your air quality – there’s no obligation to buy anything from them after the consult. 

David has consulted for huge hospitals, aerospace facilities, casinos and popular hotel chains to help them with their air quality. 

He’s a wealth of information when it comes to helping your home (and you) to breathe. 

I believe home air quality consults are crucial to make sure you’re doing what you can to prevent air quality from being a factor in your overall health. 

I found them after discovering mold in my car!

The HypoAir Air Angel – a portable air purification device for cars, travel and small areas/homes is what I use in my car. (If you want to grab one right now – “healthfix” gets you 10% off).

HypoAir’s website is full of resources and articles on air quality. 

It’s worth your time to consult with HypoAir – it’s free – there’s nothing to lose by learning about how you can improve your air quality to benefit you and your family!

Click HERE for a free air quality consult. 

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Here’s to the health of you and your home,

Dr. J

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