You don’t truly get to know a person till you see how they make their coffee. 

Many of my clients eat healthy but when it comes to their coffee, they doctor it up with some interesting things. 

In my opinion coffee isn’t the enemy, it’s what you put in it!

If you have to put so many things in it to drink it, is it worth it?

Flavoring agents, plastic K-cups, artificial sweeteners, nut milks with flavors and preservatives, MCT oil, collagen, sipping plastic to-go cups and reusable plastic lid mugs and then there’s dairy alone.

Quality of coffee matters too. 

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My general coffee recommendations have been to:

  • get the beans from a quality source that tests for mold & other things on the beans
  • know who’s roasting them
  • store in an air tight non-plastic container
  • grind on day of brewing
  • know how many grams of sugar you’re adding to your coffee
  • avoid fake sugar creamers and coffee flavor agents
  • be aware of how much creamer you’re using

It’s not uncommon for me to find that coffee “add-ons” are impacting one’s blood sugar, liver and hormone balancing.  

Read a label of Coffee Mate or International Delight for a minute. 

The palm oil and chemicals alone are horrifying.

Since coffee is a daily ritual, these “add-ons” add up over time!

Pair the coffee with a sugary granola bar, cereal or a “loaded oatmeal”…

…like my client’s berries, maple syrup, nuts and seed’s toppings. 

My “loaded oatmeal” client spent 2 years trying to figure out tingling tongue, lips, hands and feet.

He consulted many docs prior to reaching out to me.

On a visit to his home I got him to question how much creamer he was using. 

When he did the math he was shocked at the 600 calorie creamer addition to his day!

He didn’t suspect he was tending toward pre-diabetes.

Turns out he was borderline pre-diabetic for the last two year’s labs. 

The signs were there too – weight gain, brain fog, along with the tingling.

Elevated levels of triglycerides, liver enzymes and iron stores, all indicating liver inflammation and likely a fatty liver. 

All lab results were not considered significant in the conventional medicine world, because his results were only at the high end of normal!

If it wouldn’t have been for a look at his creamer collection and tip from his staff…

…I wouldn’t have known to ask how much creamer he was using as he didn’t mention he was adding anything to his coffee.

He has since removed the creamer and adjusted his diet. 

It’s been a few days and he’s feeling better.

We’ll see where this info goes as it’s part of his health journey. 

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This case is a great example of how I invite you to think about your condition.

Look around, see what was new in your life when your symptoms showed up. 

See if you can match symptoms to habits. 

Creamer had been a ritual for over 40 years but the symptoms are new. 

Something triggered the creamer to not be tolerated. 

What happened?

That’s what we’re on to next.

Sometimes you find the solution on the first try and other times the plot thickens. 

Longer term symptoms have deeper roots and triggers. 

Stress is a common cause of nerve issues like tingling in the mouth…as are the following…

  • B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • B6 in the form of P5P
  • Antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid
  • Circulation boosters like beet root and ginkgo

My client’s B12 and D were good, the rest we’ll test later if symptoms persist. 

How do you test these nutrients?

Your conventional doc can test the 1st four or you can self order all of them at

How do you increase natural absorption of these nutrients?

Sit down, chew and relax with your meal to optimize absorption. 

Transform your gut health by taking time to experience your meals.

Step wise sequences are key in leading you to transformation. 

Stop expecting one thing alone to work fast.

Embrace the journey of self discovery and explore the things right under your nose!

Stay tuned for Friday where you’ll discover the type of nervous system response you have & why it’s key to know!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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