Looks like stress might be accelerating your aging process

I’ve heard from lots of women struggling with similar symptoms to the ones you shared. These are common signs of hormonal imbalance caused by stress. 

When I talk to women about stress, they often associate it with the feeling of being overwhelmed—which is a kind of mental stress

And while mental stress is fairly common, it’s just one potential source of stress on the body. 

Anything that causes your body to switch on the fight-or-flight response, whether it’s a tough workout, a restrictive diet, or a nasty breakup, taxes your body’s limited energy resources. If left unchecked, these stressors can push your body beyond the point it can recover from. And this can wreak havoc on your hormones, energy levels, and quality of life. 

But there’s a lot we can do to combat stress. It’s a big part of what I help women do on a daily basis. 

If you’d like help tackling your stress to get your body back in balance, Let’s see if and how I can help you over a 15-min phone call. 

We’ll discuss personalized solutions you can use immediately and see if it makes sense to work together on a more comprehensive revitalization plan.