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Stop blaming aging for your fatigue! I’m betting that there are some simple fixes you’re overlooking right now that can boost your energy quickly. I get it – life is crazy and sometimes we forget to pause to drink enough water, take time to get up and move or even make ourselves a healthy bite to eat. It’s OK – it happens but when it becomes part of your routine to forget these essentials your brain and body revolt. Want to get yourself back on track? Check out my FREE 5 day Get Your Energy Back e-course to get those simple fixes you need to regain your energy for life.


What Are People Saying About Dr. Krause?

“Dr. Krause has added so much to my life! She helped diagnose an injury that all other doctors were unable to identify and played a key roll in helping me recover quickly from surgery that followed. She changed my views on medicine as she made me feel heard by the medical world for the first time in my life and she works so diligently to treat her patients as individuals!”

– Melissa J

“Thank you so much for your kindness during my recovery. I am through the though part and I look good because of your expert treatments. You are a gem!”

– Sue L.

“Doc J Krause’s Anti-Aging skin care line is amazing!  I had really visible forehead and smile lines that bothered me and now I can barely tell they are there!  I also took her digestive course along with starting her anti-aging line and I think the two together are the secret to my fabulous skin.  My skin is extremely sensitive and I did not react at all to her products.  If you are looking to slow down the signs of aging and you have sensitive skin I highly recommend trying her Anti-Aging Line.”

– Melinda T.


– Molly C.


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