I’m Doctor Jannine Krause

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist & Podcaster

Empowering You to Take Charge of Your Own Health

The Health Fix Podcast 🎧

Dr. Krause Hosts a weekly podcast, The Health Fix, that offers uncomplicated, honest research, advice and assistance to her listeners

Online Courses 📖

Dr. Krause is on a mission to share the benefits of eating clean, staying fit, maintaining mobility, keeping the mind sharp, looking good and having fun every day with the world.

Being Healthy Simplified

Stop Sabotaging Your Health. Create Sustainable Healthy Habits.

In a world with so much conflicting health information and fads it’s hard to know what’s best for you. Dr. Jannine Krause is passionate about educating on natural medicine to see though health fads and simplify healthy routines while creating healthy habits that stick for life.

Feeling overwhelmed about where to start with your health?

Not seeing results from your current health regimen?

Aging faster than you ever imagined?

Skeptical about natural approaches to healthy aging?


Public Speaking

Dr. Jannine Krause enjoys educating audiences on preventing illness and nurturing wellness naturally

Inspiration (blog)

Information on a variety of topics that I hope will inspire you to be proactive and keep you healthy for life


Tune in for common-sense approaches to health issues and stress management, coupled with the quality education and application you’d expect from your own doctors

Online Courses Available

How to Reset Your Adrenals Fast & Easily

A doctor’s step by step protocol to restore hormonal balance, and gain focus to be energized and stress free

How to Fix Your Digestive System In 6 Weeks

A doctor’s step by step plan to be pain, gas, bloat, heart burn & constipation free

How to Fix Problem Skin - Free Course

to get rid of dark spots, redness and acne while reversing the signs of aging

About Me

I’m a doctor of naturopathic medicine and an acupuncturist, with a practice in Tacoma, WA. I have dedicated my life to empowering people to take charge of their own health by simplifying approaches to natural medicine and healthy habit formation. I believe that health starts with what we eat, how we move and how well we manage stress. I want to help prevent little health issues from becoming big ones down the road. I’m committed to slowing down the aging process and want to help others with this too! There’s a lot of health information available out there, I’m here to help folks focus on what’s important and sustainable for them.

Dr. Krause In The Spotlight

Check out Dr. Krause’s interview on Total Wellness Radio

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Dan Young, the fabulous host of Total Wellness Radio! Dr. Dan is a great resource for learning more about natural medicine options out there. We dish on natural medicine and how I came to become a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. Click HERE to listen in to our conversation.

What Are People Saying About Dr. Krause?

“Dr. Krause has added so much to my life! She helped diagnose an injury that all other doctors were unable to identify and played a key roll in helping me recover quickly from surgery that followed. She changed my views on medicine as she made me feel heard by the medical world for the first time in my life and she works so diligently to treat her patients as individuals!”

– Melissa J

“Thank you so much for your kindness during my recovery. I am through the though part and I look good because of your expert treatments. You are a gem!”

– Sue L.

“Doc J Krause’s Anti-Aging skin care line is amazing!  I had really visible forehead and smile lines that bothered me and now I can barely tell they are there!  I also took her digestive course along with starting her anti-aging line and I think the two together are the secret to my fabulous skin.  My skin is extremely sensitive and I did not react at all to her products.  If you are looking to slow down the signs of aging and you have sensitive skin I highly recommend trying her Anti-Aging Line.”

– Melinda T.


– Molly C.

You Can Make Healthy Choices. You Can Create Sustainable Healthy Habits. You Are Worth It. Let Me Inspire You.

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