+ acupuncture – insertion of hair thin needles to traditional acupuncture points or trigger points based on the regions of pain & areas to be treated

+ electro-stim acupuncture – addition of a tens unit device to acupuncture needles to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms, restore function to damaged nerves from bell’s palsy, post stroke paralysis, post surgical numbness/paralysis and neuropathy conditions

+ cupping – the use of glass cups to create suction that relieves muscle tension, spasms and knots

+ gua sha – the use of a jade tool to increase blood flow to the tissue surface to break up scar tissue, adhesions and knots in the muscles

+ trigger point injections – injection of lidocaine combined with a homeopathic formulas Traumeel or Spascupreel to relieve muscle spasms, knots or the addition of B12 to relieve numbness

+ platelet rich plasma injections – the injection of your own white blood cell and protein rich plasma directly to areas of pain, sprains, strains or tears in muscles, tendons or ligaments.

+ platelet rich plasma injections – injection of your own white blood cell & protein rich plasma to fine lines, wrinkles & scars to stimulate tissue regeneration or promote hair growth

+ platelet rich plasma micro-needling
– the use of a device with 12 small needles to stimulate the tissue or scalp surface to stimulate tissue regeneration or hair growth; also useful for the prevention of scarring

+ day peels – gentle plant based peels to remove dead surface skin to reveal your youthful glow immediately

+ chemical peels – a series of peels to rejuvenate the skin

+ skin renewal program – treat your skin from the inside out – a combination of 6 peels with a skin renewal program that includes a dietary and supplemental program


+ wellness program that addresses current and preventative health concerns

+ assessment of current health status

+ physical exam

+ laboratory analysis to determine vitamin, mineral and nutrient deficiencies

+ laboratory analysis of digestive function

+ laboratory analysis of cardiac function, diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk

+ comprehensive health plan created specifically to address your needs

+ vitamin injections – Vitamin B12, & Vitamin D3

+ specialty shots – Sun Shot (B12 + Vitamin D3), Immune Booster, Detox, Fat Burn, Migraine-a-way


+ beauty products – carefully selected & formulated by Dr. Krause

+ good for you – everything you need to enhance your natural beauty without toxic ingredients

+ good for vendors and producers – sustainable & fair trade ingredients

+ good for animals – products never tested on animals

+ good for the globe – packaging and production that has low to no carbon footprint