About Our Team

The dream team

Jannine Krause | The Doc

Content Creator | The Educator

Jannine is THE content creator and mastermind. She comes up with the game plan, Joel makes it happen while Bear keeps up the morale.


  • experimenting in the kitchen
  • exploring while SUP boarding
  • daily workouts at Town Athletics

3 Dislikes

  • too much rain
  • insomnia
  • burnt kale chips
  • Content Creation 100%
  • Education 100%
  • Course Creation 100%

Joel Krause

Media Specialist | Web Design & Web Management

Joel is the man behind the scenes. He is responsible for gathering, polishing and putting the final touches on all media created as well as the filming and photographing of the doc. Joel is also not afraid to break a sweat and put a hammer to nail, creating backdrops and photography props. If there is anything that needs to be done other than write content, Joel is the man!


  • SUP boarding w/ bear on board (being outdoors)
  • strong COFFEE
  • podcasts

3 Dislikes

    • long commutes
    • grumpy people
    • fruity beer

Ok, I had to put a fourth

  • shredded coconut is gross
  • Web Design | html | css| javascript | WordPress 100%
  • Creative Suite 100%
  • Filming | Photography | Props 99%

Bear Krause | AKA Doodle

Production Supervisor

Bear wears many hats within this organization but is mostly known for his ability to help employees maintain focus and keep the morale up.


  • treats
  • swimming and paddle boarding
  • belly rubs

3 Dislikes

  • being home alone
  • fireworks
  • Big Perm | the neighbors cat
  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Employee Support 91%
  • Community Management 70%

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