Dr. Jannine Krause is a naturopathic doctor & acupuncturist here to give you your dose of health, fitness, nutrition and stress management tips to take control of your health to live a fun active healthy life. Dr. Krause is on a mission to share the benefits of eating clean, staying fit, maintaining mobility, keeping the mind sharp, looking good and having fun every day with the world. Dr. Krause is obsessed with aging well and inspiring others to maintain their health as they age. Her goal is to make staying healthy easy by taking out the confusion and getting straight to the actions steps by offering quality information in one place so no one misses out on critical health information that isn’t talked about in doctor’s visits but should be!

Ep 101: How to Meal Plan and Prep in 90 Minutes a Week

Do you want to eat healthy but life keeps getting in your way? Are you stressed out, tired, depressed, anxious, gaining weight or dealing with digestive issues? By creating healthy eating habits and routines with meal planning you can reduce your stress levels, boost...

Ep 99: Reset Your Circadian Rhythm for Longevity and Happiness

Do the short days of fall and winter get you down? Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, struggle with insomnia or moodiness in the fall and winter? Did you know that there are key habits to follow to make sure that you adjust to seasonal changes without a...

Ep 98: Why You Should Hula Hoop for Hormone Balance

Are you moody, struggling staying asleep throughout the night and finding it hard to keep weight off? Hula hoops aren’t just for kids as they can help you to maintain your balance, vital core muscle strength, help improve bladder health and balance hormones. Whether...

Ep 97: Sinus Issues? Why steroid nasal sprays aren’t the cure

Do you have chronic sinus issues, dizziness, brain fog, ear ringing? Or do you have to clear your throat often or have a stuffy nose often? Do you rely on the nasal spray Flonase to function? This day in age it seems like everyone is suffering from some type of...

Ep 95: How To Get Started with CBD Oil

Do you suffer from chronic pain and you’re sick of popping pills to stay ahead of your pain? Perhaps your sick of the side effects of your current pain medication. Maybe you’re scared to try CBD oil because you think it’s a drug. Perhaps you’d like to try CBD oil but...

Ep 94: Stop Leaky Gut with a Total Gut Restoration Plan

Do you suffer with chronic sinus infections, headaches, body aches, digestive issues or fatigue and no one can figure out what’s ailing you? Have you tried a probiotic and you didn’t notice any change in your gut health? Or did a probiotic make your condition worse?...

Ep 93: Is Your Lack Of Sleep Affecting Your Will Power?

Are you struggling with chronic insomnia and finding yourself gaining weight? Have you lost your will power and find yourself struggling to avoid junk food? Are you eating yourself out of house and home at night but not hungry all day? If you answered yes to any of...

Ep 92: How Blood Sugar Issues Cause Cardiovascular Disease

Do you get grumpy when you’re hungry? Do you have mood changes based on what you eat? Do you wake up in the night needing to snack? Did you know that blood sugar issues are not just dietary related? Blood sugars ups and downs can occur with increased stress and lead...

Ep 91: Feet : The Missing Link To Being Pain Free

Tried everything to reduce your pain? When’s the last time someone looked and touched your feet? When is the last time someone watched you move and walk? How well you move and how you use and feel your feet is crucial to maintain proper postures and move well. In this...

Are Your Skin Care Products Damaging Your Skin Microbiome?

Many skin care products, even those labeled natural, can disrupt the delicate balance of oil, hydration and good bugs on your skin’s surface. Antibacterial agents, chemicals and even some herbs can disrupt the skin’s microbiome and nutrient balance. With companies...

Ep 089: Why You Need To Take A Vacation

How many times have you dreamed about taking a vacation but never took it? Do you find yourself with excuses to not take a vacation? Are you risking you health for your employer by not taking a vacation? If you answered yes to any of those questions it’s time to plan...

Ep 087: The Hidden Traps In Food Labels with Meredith Beard

Reading food labels is tough as it’s so hard to know which products are truly the healthiest option. Due to creative marketing and labeling we often find ourselves choosing products for what they highlight on the package versus the real ingredients list. In this...

Ep 085: To Get A Strong Body: Work On The Mind Body Connection

Being strong for life requires making fitness part of your daily routine. Too many people join a gym or start a fitness program expecting the amazing results they were sold on from their efforts only to be let down and quit a few months later. Being strong isn’t about...

Ep 084: How to Kick Start Weight Loss With Red Light Therapy

Are you struggling to lose weight and not seeing results fast enough? Do you have an event coming up in a few months that you need to get quick results for? The combination of red and near infrared light therapy combined with a detox followed by a clean eating...

Ep 083: Can You Treat Urinary Tract Infections Naturally?

50% of females will have a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. 6 out of 10 women have them chronically. You can treat urinary tract infections effectively without antibiotics. Uva ursi, d-mannose and Oregon grape root are just some of the go-to’s that Dr....

Ep 082: What Does Morning Nausea Mean?

Morning nausea is a sign that something is off overnight. Blood sugar imbalances, acid reflux, post-nasal drip are among the most common causes. Stress, sleep apnea, and hormonal imbalances can also be to blame. Taking a look at your symptoms, diet, habits, and...

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