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Ep 065: How Your Sugar Addiction is Ruining Your Skin

Do you have a sugar addiction on top of chronic pain, reduced mobility, cellulite, dull skin, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, dry or saggy, loose skin? Or do you have diabetes, are pre-diabetic or have hardening of your arteries aka atherosclerosis? The health of...

Ep 064: Can Your Fascial Tissue Cause Pain & Reduce Strength?

Chronic aches and pains? Why do we have pain, is it our muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves or fascia? All of our tissues are wrapped with a nerve rich fascia that allows our insides and muscles, joints and tendons to move in a fluid fashion under our skin....

Ep 063: Can Salt Water Reduce Anxiety, Depression and Stress?

Feeling overwhelmed and dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety? A little bit of Vitamin Sea and D are crucial for resetting the nervous system, boosting the mood and invoking a sense of calm. Traditional Chinese Medicine principles note water as the element and...

Ep 062: Proof That You Can Maintain a Healthy Life Balance

Want proof that you can maintain a healthy life balance and still enjoy good food, travel and save room for indulgences along the way? In this episode Doc J interviews journalist turned blogger Kate Kordsmeier from Root and Revel to learn how Kate uses her journalism...

Ep 059: Beat Stress, Anxiety and Depression with The Muse

Studies have shown that stress, anxiety and depression can be reduced dramatically with regular meditation. However, not many are able to meditate at all let alone on a regular basis. Did you know there’s a device that can teach you how to meditate a few minutes at a...

Ep 058: Get Rid of Gut Issues by Knowing Your Gut Bugs

Gut issues like constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, IBS, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis are related to the presence or lack of certain gut bacteria. The overproduction of gas in the intestinal tract is related to an imbalance of gut bugs, poor digestion, leaky gut,...

Ep 057: Are Your Sinus Problems & Migraines Caused by Your Gut?

Struggling with sinus problems, chronic congestion, chronic throat clearing or migraines? Your gut health and ability to digest foods properly has a lot to do with the health of your sinus tissue. When you wake up congested daily, and are a slave to the nasal spray or...

Ep 056: The Connection Between Chronic Pain and Emotions

Do you have chronic pain, struggle to manage stress, or a history of trauma? We are not taught how to manage our stress effectively thus for many of us we hold it in and eventually it manifests itself as pain. In over a decade of practice Doc J and friend, Nichole...

Ep 054: How To Boost Your Mood Fast!

Feeling stressed, depressed, grumpy or irritable? One way to elevate your mood and calm your mind is to make a connection with someone. Did you know that smiling and laughing can boost serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin? Taking the time to look up from your cell phone...

Ep 053: Why Can’t I Stop Overeating?

Struggling with overeating, emotional eating, stress eating and wondering why? Your gut health and ability to digest foods properly has a lot to do with proper brain signaling. Noticing how you turn into a bear each evening ravaging through your kitchen searching for...

Ep 052: Want to Age Well? Start Weightlifting Right Now!

Feeling tired, weak, flabby and lacking endurance? Want to have muscle definition well past your 90’s? Putting the hours in at the gym or racking up miles on the trails but not seeing muscle definition or gain? In this episode Doc J talks about the factors involved in...

Ep 051: Pain: How to Find the Source of It & Fix It

Struggling with an area of pain but not sure what’s causing it? Wondering what to do with nagging pain that isn’t responding to muscle relaxers and ibuprofen? Not sure how to treat it or if you need to go to the doctor? In this episode Doc J talks about how to narrow...

Ep 049: What Is The Healthiest Way To Eat?

Gas, bloating, acid reflux, diarrhea or constipation got you wondering what you are supposed to be eating? Trouble losing weight? Lack of appetite or feeling ravenous all the time? Is the elimination an entire food group or a few a good idea? From gluten free to...

Ep 048: How Electro-Acupuncture Can Change Your Life !

Chronic aches and pains? Popping more painkillers than you’d like to? Did you know you can store emotions in your body that double as pain? Electro-acupuncture has pain relieving and antidepressant properties minus the side effects. In this episode Doc J talks all...

Ep 047: Want a Super Immune System? Start with your lymph

Sick often? Skin not glowing, puffy eyes, dry skin, cellulite hanging around? Belly bloat got you wishing you could wear sweat pants every day? Lymph nodes swollen in the neck that just won’t go down. Chronic herpes outbreaks, warts, reactivated mono, hypothyroidism,...

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